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Results of the 28Mar 2019
(ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter
Elections can be found here

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Thursday 28 March 2019:
- General Assembly and Elections.
- Discussion: Bitcoin and Blockchain Security
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Official (ISC)2 CBK Training Seminar for the CISSP in Athens: 04-06/12/2017 & 11-13/12/2017 @ OTEACADEMY
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Sponsorship of our chapter helps us to achieve these goals and much more! As threat levels increase, the security and stability of our future demands that we take action now to counter these threats against us, our society and our prosperity. With your help, we can achieve a safer and more secure community.

There are several benefits to being a sponsor of an (ISC)2 Chapter. Brand name, service and reputation recognition, opportunities for engaging a talented pool of information security professionals, and helping strengthen community organizations in need are just some of the ways your sponsorship will help. By becoming a sponsor you can help ensure:

  • Positive impacts on local community organizations in need of strengthened information security systems and practices.
  • Promotion of infosecurity awareness to children, adolescents and the elderly.
  • Your organization's visibility to a growing population of infosecurity professionals helping to market your products and services.

16th Dec 2015 Educational Event - Cyber Security Predictions 2016

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